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Getting & Keeping your Joy (SOLD OUT)

Where: Algarve, Portugal

When: 22-24th September

Group size: 8-12 people

Event description:

Before finding your dream job, you should have a personal VISION: how is the state of the world you aim to achieve. Then you should clarify your MISSION: what’s the role that you’re going to play in order to make that vision become a reality. 🦸‍♂️


In order to find these, we will help you DEFINE YOUR LIFE VALUES, PRIORITIZE and define a personal VALUE PROPOSITION. With the vision well defined, you will have the chance to build a STRATEGY for achieving them. 


Join us for this 3-days retreat and let’s work together to learn and apply the tools you need to start actively creating the masterpiece that is you! 


Jungle Retreats in collaboration with The Product Weekend will create the environment you need for having a personal breakthrough. For 3 days, you will be focusing entirely on yourself, relaxing by the ocean and learning from experts. 

What do I get from it?

1. Experience a new perspective on personal development above and beyond the misconceptions of our era.

2. Understand the important things in your life and design the self you want to be.

3. Develop a clear and workable action-plan to start building yourself. 

4. Networking - Get to know at a professional & personal level professionals across Europe.​

5. Relax and Surf - Relax, enjoy the beach and try surfing on the Atlantic ocean. Get to know one of the most exotic European destinations - Algarve.

Not sure if this retreat makes sense for you? Find an answer in 2 minutes by filling in this form. The score of the form will make it clear if Jungle Retreats fit your needs or not. 

Partner & Facilitator

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João Moita is a Product Manager at Product People. Passionate about technology, innovation and careers, he is on a mission to help people realize their full potential.

He founded The Product Weekend as a way to help young PMs learn from experts and experienced peers, build strong relationships and boost their careers.


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How Jungle Retreats Look Like
- Through the eyes of our participants -

Schedule Overview

This schedule is a draft. The final version will be defined based on participant's needs assessment. 

Schedule Sept'23.JPG

Want to find out more details? Schedule a 15 minutes call with our team and we will answer all your questions.

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The Destination:
Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is Portugal's most popular holiday destination due to the approximately 200 km of clean beaches, the cool, unpolluted water, and the fact that it is relatively cheap, very safe, and overall welcoming.

  • 4-star hotel with SPA, pool and gym

  • 5 minutes walking distance from the beach

  • Continental breakfast included

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Shared Double Room

€435 per person
(with taxes)

  • Rich breakfasts included

  • Share a room with another retreater

  • Inspiring group workshops and 1on1 sessions​

  • Networking activities

  • Wellness activities (yoga, surfing, beach time)


*Transportation to and from the hotel will be arranged from Faro. ​

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