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About Us

Jungle Retreats creates impactful retreats for connecting professionals who want to grow and discover their purpose in life.


With the rise of remote workers and shifts in global lifestyles, it's more important than ever to maintain a healthy work / life balance and connect with others face to face. 

Life is like a jungle. Above all things that we have to do every day and the society norms of what we should do, there is no time or mental resources left to actually think about what makes us happy and what we actually want in life.  

Social interaction, getting out of your comfort zone, improving your skills and discussing topics that really matter to you with like minded professionals (24+ years old). With our Retreats we focus on these aspects to build a community of people who work towards their dreams and help each other.

You can disconnect from the your daily life ("the jungle") and find your inner self, in the heart of the Alps.

Not sure if a retreat makes sense for you? Find an answer in 2 minutes by filling in this form. The score of the form will make it clear if Jungle Retreats fit your needs or not. 

Image by Joachim Lesne

Our mission is to help professionals connect offline and discover their purpose in life.



A world in which young professionals get the support needed to find their path in life instead of working daily without a clear direction.


 Friendship, inspiration, courage, improvement, fun.


Organizing retreats in collaboration with partners with shared values.

Meet Our Team

* In addition, for each retreat we work with local organizers and partners to ensure we create great experiences and that you can feel the local vibes and culture. 

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