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With a Self-Discovery Retreat
If it's not meaningful, then it's not worth it!


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Retreats 2023

Image by Stéphan Valentin

Connect & grow in the Alps

May 26-28th 2023

Take a break to disconnect & re-discover yourself beside the majestic lake, set against the foothills of the Alps.

Como Lake, Italy

Image by Max Zed

Getting & Keeping your Joy

September 22-24th 2023

Reset yourself and meet extraordinary people in the nomad hub paradise in the glorious Algarve.

Algarve, Portugal (Surfing Edition)

Image by Luka Senica

Connect & Grow by the Atlantic

October 13-15th 2023

Expand your personal and professional growth, nourish body and mind and brainstorm about Product, Business, Mindset and way more to expand in 2023 and beyond.

Peniche, Portugal (Post Productized Retreat)

Traveling in Nature

Build Your Life Vision & Roadmap

November 10-12th 2023

Impactful workshops, yoga, masterminds, and hikes to UNESCO treasures.

Como Lake, Italy

What Our Participants Say


Alexandra Tudor
Data Scientist

I was not in search of a retreat, but coming accros this opportunity made me say 'yes' immediately. And yes, I can assure you that this experience was beyond expectations. One of the aspects, that I highly appreciated about the organizers, was that they tailored the retreat according to our needs. By connecting with people and nature, I managed to pause my daily life and reflect on my aspirations and sources of happiness. If you also seek answers on how to plan and prioritize the key areas of your life, I am sure that the workshops might be of interest and help to you as well.


Daniel Butucel
Managing Partner

I really enjoyed the experience in Ponte di Legno. The personal development workshops have been very useful and I still use the techniques learned in my daily life (4F strategy). I met new people from all over Europe, the networking was very cool and the leisure time as well. I actually learnt how to ski with this occasion. Highly recommend it to the people who are looking to disconnect from the daily life, take a break, increase their network of like minded people and learn something new.

Creative Office

Why Jungle Retreats?

1. Genuine connections - Get to know at a professional & personal level professionals (24+ years old) across Europe.

2. Workshops - on topics such as reflection, planning or prioritization (to be defined for each event based on participant's needs).

3. Sharing sessions - we all have areas we want to improve or questions for which we struggle to find answers (proffesional or personal). Discuss them with like minded peers to find solutions. 

4. Location - Relax and enjoy the nature in the heart of the Italian Alps.

5. Last but for sure not least -
Have fun! 

Find out in 2 minutes if our retreats fit your needs by filling in this form.

How it works

How it works






Our Pillas

Our Pillars

Improvement & Learning

Discover yourself, what really matters to you, your priorities and how to get what you want. You will learn from our trainers during workshops as well as from the other participants through sharing sessions. 
This is a long journey and the goal of the retreat is taking the first step and identifying tools which can help you on the way. 

#workshops #sharing sessions

Fun & Friendship

Start the self-discovery journey together with a group of like-minded people willing to help and support each other. 

Even if self discovery may sound hard and boring, our mission is to make sure you have fun!

Each event has activities planned such hiking, skiing, spa or thematic evenings. 

#networking #outdoor activities

Personal Planning

Knowing what you want is the first step. But how can you get there?

Our strategic planning and prioritization sessions will make sure you get where you want, when you want it. Your retreat fellows will keep you accoutable for your goals after the event.

#workshops #sharing sessions

Our Quality Assurance

Needs Assessment

Each Retreat is designed based on the needs assessment form filled in by each participant prior to the event.

Survival Guide

One month prior to a retreat, participants will receive a survival guide with tips & tricks on travelling, local language, local prices and more.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your booking and receive all money back minimum 3 weeks before the retreat.

Event Evaluation

An evaluation form will be shared with all participants after each event based on accommodation, content delivered and communication. 

24/7 Support

Once you book your spot, you can reach out anytime to the retreat organisers by phone, WhatsApp or email.

Community Support

You can reach out to fellow retraiters who joined past events in case you have questions or on the event group chat for questions closer to / during / after the event.

If you have any questions about how Jungle Retreats work, schedule a short 15 minutes call and by the end of it you will know for sure if an escape in the Alps makes sense for you.

Qualiy Assurance
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